State: Hawaii
City: Honolulu
Zip code: 96817
Type: Animals

Adorable Maltese puppy, 3 1/2 months old, purebred with papers from champion parents (including a first time mom).   Will reach 5 lbs when fully grown -not too big, not too small.   Comes with all papers, a new purse-type carrier, and lots of extras.  Is hypoallergenic, does not shed and is very clean.   Was bred very carefully to avoid any genetic problems, and is very healthy.
He is warm, smart and friendly.   Loves children, plays well with other animals, and is very affectionate.   He is house and paper trained, likes to go for walks, but can handle being inside, and is a joy to hold and play with. Responds immediately to voice, and aims to please.   Pleasant, easy, sweet and friendly.   A great little dog who will steal your heart!
Call with questions - (808) 561-